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2017년06월12일 02시07분
글자크기 기사내용 이메일보내기 뉴스프린트하기 뉴스스크랩하기
트위터로 보내기페이스북으로 보내기미투데이로 보내기싸이월드 공감하기 The design of Moscow stand named best at the international exhibition KOTFA in Seoul

The design of Moscow stand named best at the international exhibition KOTFA in Seoul 

The stand of the Department for Sport and Tourism of Moscow became the winner in the nomination «The best booth design award» at the 32nd international tourist exhibition KOTFA in Seoul.

The Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA) is one of the most important exhibitions of the tourist industry in the Asian region and the only international travel fair in Korea. In 2017 it was attended by 800 organizations from 60 countries. 

The number of Moscow guests from South Korea grows by more than 20% annually, Inessa Grig, counsellor of tourism management of the Department for Sport and Tourism of Moscow City, told during the press conference. This is due, in general, to the increased comfort of Moscow for foreign tourists, and to the development of business and event tourism, in particular, the holding of world-class cultural and sports events. 

«Moscow has always been primarily business destination. However, with development of new art galleries, pedestrian areas, street festivals, city has significantly changed and keeps attracting more and more travelers every year, said Dina Musina, government sales manager of the Metropol Hotel. According to a recent research of Market Guide, tourist flow to Moscow will show 8% grow in 2017 and 15% in 2018 vs 2015. Metropol also supports cultural events such as the traditional tea ceremony, Opera evenings, excursions to the Museum of Russian Impressionism, the Patriotic War of 1812». 

Natalia Chekmareva, senior account manager at Marriott Hotels agrees with the colleague. «In Marriott hotels there is an increase of tourist flow. Compared with 2016, the number of tourist groups increased by 10%. Moscow is becoming more attractive for tourists, and not just for business people coming to Moscow on business», said Natalia Chekmareva. 

Moscow hotel business at KOTFA was presented by the Metropol Hotel, the Marriott Grand Hotel, the hotel complex ALFA, the ASTRUS Hotel - the Central Tourist House. Offers on the organization of tourist trips to the capital were presented to IBC Corporate Travel, Territory 007, TOUR EXPRESS, GrandRus Tours.


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