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What do I do in Korea?
I go to Korea a lot these days. I figure I spend about two to three months a year there and find it the ideal hub to see the rest of Asia. I’ve been going to Korea for over 32 years, off and on, and have been seen the many changes for good and bad during this period. These changes have also changed what I like to do during my visits. ...
Yellow Flowers and the Road to Gurye
Sunchang International Sauce Exposition
Sunchang International Sauce Exposition About a four-hour drive from Seoul in North Cholla Province is the beautiful Sunchang. Nestled in the mountains of southwest Korea, this picturesque area is the traditional home of many of Koreas finest sauces and food products. Among the most famous is Sunchang traditional gochujang (red chili pepper pa...
{Korea Culture and Travel] Train ride to Busan
Train Ride to Pusan Pusan is located on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula and has long been one of the major port cities in Korea. Busan is also a major metropolitan area with lots to do and see. Busan (also called Pusan using the older translation system) has a long history. It is from Busan that Japanese Admiral Togo launched his fl...
Korea Travel News will feature important issuces on its next publicati...
Notice: Next Issue will feature the following articles in order to comply requests from overseas subscribers. 1. KOTFA VS HANA Tour Exhibition Which one is more appropriate for you to participate? In fact, We have lots of request for answering this real difficult question. As we have only a few days before the first event, I would like to...
[Korea culture and travel] South Mountain(Namsan Mountain)
South Mountain When you are in Seoul you really can’t miss the communications tower that dominates the city. This tower is located on Namsan (which literally translates as South Mountain; Nam means south and San means mountain). When Seoul was founded (originally called Hanyang) at the end of the 14th Century it was infact the m...
Tips for Enjoying Korean Cuisine
Korean cuisine has a lot going for it. It is very healthy food. During the Korean War, doctors had the opportunity to observe American and Korean casualties side by side. They noticed that an 18 year old American already had signs of coronary disease while the Korean soldiers’ arteries were clear. This showed and early link between ...
Gyeonggi Province Launches DMZ Half and Half Photo Contest
05Gyeonggi Province Launches DMZ Half and Half Photo Contest Gyeonggi Provincial Government of Korea hosts “DMZ Half&Half Photo Contest” on Instagram and Facebook, a global social media campaign promoting communication through photographs. First prize winner gets 5,000 USD in cash, Round-the-World airline ticket and “DMZ ...
[Korean culture and travel] Trip to Incheon city
Most folks who have been to Korea can say they have been to Incheon since they arrive at the fabulous Incheon International Airport that serves Seoul and Korea in general. However, this is similar to my travel experiences where I’ve been to O’Hare and Midway Airports in Chicago dozens of times, but have never been to downtown Chic...
[Korea culture and travel] Seoul Subway Tour
Seoul Subway Tour Seoul is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world and offers a large variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities. Traffic in Seoul can be a challenge. One way to avoid the traffic is to use Seoul’s superb subway system. (Subways are called Ji Ha Cheol in Korean) The subway system can take you anywhere you ...
[Korea culture and travel] Seoul's West Gate
Seoul's West Gate Seoul is an interesting city with a long history. Hundreds of years ago, during the early days of the Joseon (Chosun) Dynasty, the capital use to be up north near Kaesong. Early on in the dynasty, for political, economic, and defensive reasons, the decision was made to move it to another location (shown in the historic...
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