A letter from China


Dear Editor
We are one of the major online travel agents in China.
We hope this letter can voice out our concern about the Korea Tourism.
Korea has been one of our favorite destinations, however, we have found more and more difficulties while promoting it to our clientele in China.
The problem is words of month, people who have been to Korea tells all their friends never to go there again. People are complaining about the food, and their experience in Korea. Why?
KNTO only wants to more people to visit Korea, but they forget that the focus should be on quality instead of quantity .Instead of working on yield, they subsidize group tour agent to promote low budget tour. Instead of letting your visitors enjoy the real Korean food, real Korean BBQ Beef, they allow tour operators to take the tour group to W4000 Chinese meal. Instead of showing the beautiful scenery of Korea, they take the group to shop after shop and even after shop to make up the difference of the tour price. The tour price had been dropped down up to RMB 60 per person per day including accommodation, transfer, and meals.
On the other hand, Korea travel industry have been rated as one of the most difficult travel partners to work with in Asia, since they do not honor their rates and conditions.
As we have seen over the years that destination was destroyed by poor marketing strategy and coordination in many countries, I hope your government and your travel industry wake up soon to come up with a 5 year plan to fix this problem, so that we can see a profitable growth in the Korean travel market.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and good luck with your trade.

David Leung

President of Explorer travel