Expo Milano launches latest TV advertising campaign


(Media1=Loren Gibson) Expo Milano 2015 steps into the spotlight in this morning with the third phase of its communication campaign.

Organisers at the event have released a short video entitled ‘Your journey around the world’, which will being airing from today.

The TV commercial makes a visit to the Exhibition Site to become a real voyage of discovery of the planet’s myriad cultures.

It tells of an unmissable and unique journey among peoples who have travelled from all around the world to Expo Milano 2015, as well as their foods, cultures, traditions, and spectacular shows.
More Information

Expo Milano 2015 is an island north-west of Milan that, from May 1st to October 31st, will be home to more than 140 countries who will share experiences and knowledge on, among others, the best technologies for a sustainable future.

In addition to thousands of cultural events and entertainment for adults and children alike, there will be many foods to try, each nation exhibiting its best dishes, as well as food and gastronomic traditions.

Covering an area of over one million square meters, and designed by internationally renowned architects, Expo Milano 2015 is preparing to welcome over 20 million visitors.