V of BTS Claims Top Spot in Spotify’s May Ranking for Korean Solo Artists


V of BTS Claims Top Spot in Spotify’s May Ranking for Korean Solo Artists

In an impressive feat, V, a member of the internationally renowned group BTS, has risen to the pinnacle of Spotify’s May ranking for follower increase among Korean solo artists. With an astounding surge of 403,874 new followers, V firmly secures the coveted first place as a solo artist on the esteemed music streaming platform. Notably, he also secures an impressive overall ranking of third place, trailing only behind BTS and Blackpink.

V’s remarkable ascent in popularity can be attributed to the release of his OST “Christmas Tree” for the drama “Happen to be That Way” in 2021. Since then, his fan base has been steadily growing, garnering attention and adoration from fans around the world. This unwavering support has propelled V to claim the prestigious title of the solo artist with the highest cumulative follower increase among K-pop artists in Spotify’s highly anticipated year-end summary for 2022, solidifying his undeniable presence as a solo act.

As of June 3rd, V boasts an astonishing cumulative follower count of 13.32 million, an impressive achievement considering he reached this milestone with just three OST tracks. Within Spotify’s esteemed K-pop solo artist ranking, V proudly holds the third position. It’s worth noting that among the top ten artists in this ranking, V stands out as the only artist without a personal album or mixtape, further exemplifying the extent of his influence and popularity.

The three OST songs released by V have garnered an overwhelming response from dedicated K-pop enthusiasts and avid drama fans alike. Notably, his tracks “Sweet Night” from the popular drama “Itaewon Class” and “Christmas Tree” from “Happen to be That Way” have claimed the first and second spots respectively for the most-streamed K-OSTs on Spotify. As a result, V has rightfully earned the title of the “King of Trustworthy OSTs,” solidifying his reputation as an artist capable of delivering emotionally resonant musical compositions.

Furthermore, V’s dominance extends beyond streaming charts. He has secured the top spot for three consecutive years in Spotify’s year-end streaming rankings for K-OSTs. Additionally, his song “Christmas Tree” has proudly secured a place in the “Top 10 Most-Streamed K-pop Songs of 2022,” establishing V as the only male solo artist to achieve this remarkable feat and underscoring his exceptional musical prowess.

Outside the realm of music, V has captivated audiences with his infectious charm on the popular tvN variety show “Seojin’s House,” which aired until early May this year. His appearances on the program have propelled him to the forefront of the Broadcast Content Value Information Analysis System (RACOI)’s rankings for entertainment program participants, repeatedly claiming the top spot and generating widespread buzz among viewers.

With his undeniable talent, captivating charm, and unwavering support from millions of dedicated fans, V continues to redefine success as a solo artist within the dynamic realm of K-pop, solidifying his status as a global sensation and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.